The funny, the strange, and the absurd! Using closed-captioning to drive SEO in YouTube.

It’s so funny Rhett and Link have created a video on it . . .

The point? If you don’t provide a transcription file for YouTube, they will provide one for you, and all kidding aside, can you afford that from a branding standpoint? What about from an accessibility standpoint? Finally, what about your global reach? Finally, you are not using all the channels you could be to bring visitors to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is affected by your closed-caption transcriptions! Yes! If you don’t transcribe your videos, and let Google transcribe automatically, there doesn’t seem to be a penalty, but you are missing an opportunity to get a greater reach in search engines like Google.

How does this work? If a transcription of your video is provided to YouTube, there is strong evidence that Google will index your video along with the text! What a fantastic way to further your SEO efforts and provide a holistic approach to SEO!

Don’t have the joke played on you. Allow us to carefully transcribe your videos! We provide transcription services for you at reasonable rates, and offer consulting and training to you and your organization on best methods and streamlined SEO processes.

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