HTML 5 and CSS3 will Replace Flash

Flash has become a ubiquitous term describing interactive and engaging web sites. This is about to change! With advancements in computing and browsers, as well as more clearly defined web standards, Adobe, the makers of Flash, have announced that they will no longer be supporting Flash on mobile devices. Given that mobile devices are becoming more powerful every day, and people are using them to browse and buy from websites, it’s important that you have a website that will work on iPads, droids, iPhones, and smart phones.

HTML5 and CSS3 are quickly taking the place of outdated Flash sites. And, guess what, I *love* this! Although designers without knowledge of programming have used Flash as a crutch in the past, Flash is weighty, crashes easily, and is difficult if not impossible for search engines to crawl . . . this means your Flash site won’t rank high in sites like Google and Bing!

So, why do I love that HTML5 and CSS3 are coming along? Because they are beautifully created new web standards that will allow your site to virtually have its cake, and eat it too. You can have gorgeous movies, slideshows, editable and appealing content for your visitors while still retaining the ease of management and search engine optimization results !

If you are living with a Flash web site, now is the time to make the change. Contact Me to find out more!

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