Renee Jennings, LISW

After consulting with Renee, I discovered that she was a creative therapist whose artful style flowed through her life and her business. She wanted a modest site, but one that was full of life and expressed her style of engagement. She brought to me a piece of art she created that felt representative of her and her unique style of helping others.

We brainstormed about using this art within her site, ultimately deciding that to show the connection between the inner and outer circles, and the movement of these forces, was essential. It sounded right up my alley!

To create movement, I used modern techniques involving JQuery scripting and CSS3. We tried several designs, and edited, and edited again to get it just right. The end result is a site representing Renee and her work.

Renee’s site is editable by her, and I’m always an email away if she runs into any issues.

Renee Jennings, CSS3, JQuery

Renee Jennings

Renee Jennings EMDR Services

Renee Jennings EMDR Services

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