HTML5 Development

If you haven’t heard of HTML5, then hold onto your smartphone! Along with JQuery and CSS3, It’s replacing old-style plugins like Flash! In fact, Adobe, the creators of Flash, reported that they will no longer be supporting mobile devices. And guess what, many of your users are either already or will soon be using iPhones, iPads, tablets, and Droids to view your site. That means if your site is in Flash, or you are working with a web designer without a programming background, you are going to lose a good bit of your audience because they won’t be able to see your site.

We could geek-out and start talking about how powerful and revolutionary HTML5 is to us, but let’s talk about you. Your site will be visible on modern computers and devices. Your site will have a clever, intuitive look and feel. Your site can include a variety of multi-media elements within its design. We are programmers AND designers – we know how to make your site look, feel, and function optimally, and we want you to experience the difference when working with us!

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