Website Development and Consulting

With over 15 years of development and consulting experience, I know how the web development process works. I have seen the mistakes inexperienced developers make. I have seen the importance of developing a hearty site that works for you.

Whether you are in the initial consulting stages of planning your website, or if you are ready to go and need someone to review your thoughts and strategies in order to develop, I am your ally.

When it comes to developing your site, I create standards-based sites that are tried and true. I don’t simply create your site and leave you to fend for yourself, I take the care to make sure you know how to work with your site. I advise you on “the care and feeding” of your new baby. I prepare the site so you can easily edit it, and make the time-sensitive changes you need to make.

I create all sites so they are search-engine optimized, and I train you on how to use language and social media to your advantage. All sites come with a blog and I help you register and brand your social media outlets. Additionally, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, as well as a specialized project management site, and customer portal for you to communicate with me come with every account! I take the time to make sure your site is connected and branded in a way that will not only work for you in the moment, but will flow with you during inevitable change.

Contact me today to start a conversation! I’m happy to help.

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