Who I Am

Owner of Cleveland, Ohio based imageNation Web Experts, I am a multi-faceted web developer, architect, and designer. My background and interest in social causes, psychology / communications, programming, and design have landed me in books like Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs, and Curt Harler’s Beyond the Browser. Part of the COSE Venture Quest winning start-up team, I’m also an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

My love of innovating has lead me to create an artificial intelligence human-like interface called Zoe-bot. She talks with you online, and can be used in a variety of applications ranging from a salesperson, chat partner, language teacher, and more. My wearable computer creation (back before the days of smart phones) allowed me to get access to information on the go, and was featured in Howard Rheingold’s book Beyond the Browser. Finally, I was a prominent member of COSE Venture Quests winning team in the Start-Up business category.

My love of sharing has lead me to teach STEM course and Introductory programming at Lorain County Community College. In my earlier days I taught English to children in Ecuador, and practical program and web usage to real estate agents at Hondros College. Additionally I have lead my own workshops on Social Media and the Web. Finally, I enjoy speaking publicly and sharing my ideas as I have at the Securing New Ground Conference.

My love of people has lead me to study at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, completing their 18-month Gestalt Training Program where I learned about myself in a fuller way, and enhanced my communication skills. Furthermore, I currently take graduate level courses in counseling and therapy to enhance my awareness and abilities to connect with people in a transparent and caring way.

Doing more than others:

We love our clients, and  put our heart and soul into your project. We treat each website like a piece of functional art — it’s not enough to simply design, simply architect, or simply develop your web presence. It takes all of these aspects, combined, to make a website magical.  With 15 years experience with the web, we make magic!

The Process

We begin by listening to you. Then, we listen to your needs even more. It is only when we understand your wants and needs that we begin the web architecture and web design processes. We give you a customer area, and project area to collaborate with you and organize the web development processes. We organize the process for you and you know where we are at each step of the way. At every step, you are invited to give feedback and we hear you! We continue to work with you through the web development phase of your project in an organic and agile way. Finally, we add SEO and Social Media pages to round-out your web marketing, and are thrilled to hear your applause and cheers when we go live with your new website!

The Vision

We sincerely want our customers to succeed and to be engaged in the development of their new website. In an era when companies are more interested in selfish profit and wham-bam approaches to giving you impersonal, straight off the conveyer belt products, we give you functional art that represents you and your unique services, products, and gifts. We envision a world that appreciates difference and skilled hands-on workmanship of by-gone days. We are passionate in our philosophy, and you’ll experience that passion through our processes and your one-of-a-kind website.

Company Background & Approach

Web Design and Web Development in Cleveland, Ohio, imageNation was originally founded in 1996 by Melanie McGee. Mel’s creative and multi-faceted background in psychology/communications, programming, and design/art are the foundations of imageNation’s approach to web development and design. We are trained to listen whole-heartedly and empathize with your situation and needs. We then co-create an individualized process with you for web architecture, web design, web development, and social media and search engine connections! It’s easy to start with a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

Message From Mel
Firstly, a big thank you to you! I sincerely appreciate the time you are taking to learn about imageNation Web Experts. I’d love to invite you to learn more, whether you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, or another part of the world. I want you to experience our philosophy and am offering a free initial consultation, either locally in-person, or through a web meeting with me. We will explore your current situation, talk about where you want to go, and how we can help you get there. Just contact us to learn more!

Our Causes
We have big hearts, and love to help those in need. When you choose imageNation, you’re choosing more than a fresh-thinking web development group, you’re actually helping us give to others who are less fortunate! For every few for-profit sites we create, we like to offer our services to organizations like International Services Center or Patti’s Paladins at significantly discounted rates. Together, we can make our goal to spread beauty, joy, and positive messages throughout the world.

Web-design, website development

imageNation Web Experts personalizes your web development and design. You will experience personal service like you’ve never seen. We go beyond simple web design and web programming in order to offer you more than you expect. We listen to you, hear your needs, use agile methods to adapt with you throughout our collaborative web development process. We deliver easy to navigate websites that express you and that you can easily manage within your organization!

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Creating an eCommerce site that represents you, customized to your needs, and is easily managed by you has never been easier. We deliver eCommerce solutions that will save you money — you never pay special monthly eCommerce fees with us. You receive a beautiful and functional eCommerce site that is in your control!

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Social Media and SEO Management

Marketing your business or organization online has never been simpler. Let imageNation Web Experts market your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Blog! We get to know you and your brand, allowing us to offer creative and engaging content suited to your visitors! Monthly packages start at only $200 per month!

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