Monica Peters Web Developer

Melanie McGee was able to create the solutions for my technical dilemma within a few hours after I first spoke with her about the speech technology issues that I had been wrestling with for the past few months in regards to my Molly Brant A.I. project.

Melanie McGee has proved to be an amazingly talented woman that codes at the speed of thought. She possesses integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the latest technologies, that is rarely seen from online business associates.

I have never met Melanie in person. I found her online from her website as I searched for a technical solution. I am so impressed with her work and personality that I am writing this testimonial for anyone in the future that should be considering utilizing Melanie’s tremendous talents from online. In an internet world full of scams and spam, Melanie is a priceless jewel for any technology professional.

Monica Garr Peters,
Web Developer
James Espey of DeLorean Motor Company writes about Mel McGee of imageNation Web Experts

Having known of Melanie’s abilities for many years, when DeLorean Motor Company had a project that fit her skill set, I had no hesitation in contacting her. Melanie is an excellent listener, and works hard to understand the project requirements from the user’s point of view – and doesn’t force the requirements to fit the constraints of the software by using innovative and creative ideas.

James Espey, VP,
Delorean Motor Company