Melanie McGee : Principal

imageNation founder and creative developer, Melanie McGee, integrates her interests in programming, design, the arts and psychology when working with clients on web presences. From the first meeting through project completion, you will be heard and understood – half of the battle when creating a web site or marketing. Melanie explains:

my listening and communication skills, learned through my undergraduate, professional, and graduate level training in psychology and counseling/therapy, make such a difference to my clients. I actually listen to them, empathize with them, and know what to ask to get to their goals. Over and over again, my clients are incredibly surprised about how I ‘get’ them. Integrating design, programming, and people skills is what allows me and imageNation to thrive.

A web developer / programmer for over 15 years, Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University in Psychology, Melanie went on to Graduate School in Computer Science.  Adding to her skill set, Melanie graduated from the 18-month Gestalt Training Program where she grew personally and professionally, honing her communication skills and authentic way of being with her clients. Recently, Melanie has added yet additional graduate study in Therapy and Counseling to her educational vitae. “I love learning. I love programming. I love creating. I have always had a very creative personality and strong aesthetic design sensibility. It’s just in my nature,” describes Melanie.

Melanie’s creativity, technological mastery, communication skills, and business accumen show up in a variety of ways:

  • A member of the winning “Small Business Startup” team for COSE’s venture-quest
  • Profiled in Curt Harler’s book Beyond the Browser
  • Profiled in Howard Rheingold’s book Smart Mobs
  • Developed a wearable computer
  • Creator of the Artificial Intelligence ‘Zoe-Bot’
  • Programming and Robotics Instructor
  • Social Media Instructor
  • Web development Instructor

Melanie and imageNation’s team of developers, designers, and marketing professionals look forward to serving all of your web and marketing needs!

Melanie McGee is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn