Rose Corrick of Art of Cloth

It has been several years in the percolator, but today the new Art of Cloth website was launched and we couldn’t be more proud and excited to present it to the world…the woman behind the curtain was Melanie McGee, owner and web designer-extraordinaire of imageNation Web Experts,  From the first meeting it was like a strike of lightning

Melanie came in to the Art of Cloth studio and seemed to fit in instantly.  She experienced what we do, and who we are and started to ask about why we do it.  Very quickly it was clear, that she understood  Art of Cloth was not only a company producing hand-dyed clothing, but a group of women, whose hearts and spirits are part of every garment we produce.  We discussed a broad vision, for all that a web site that would reflect us, would need to be.  And shortly after signing on the dotted line, she began to make that vision a reality.

Melanie brought in a friend and collaborator of hers, Shara Foldi of Unity Design, to help manage the project’s initial layout.  What followed were many days of collaborating on content, and of course, as artists, the details and look of each page.  How it all fits together and the flow of the site was also very important.  At each turn, Melanie would take in our desires, concerns and come back with several solutions… not hesitating to write programming just for us, in the about us section, that would be as creative and expressive an experience as wearing our clothing.

It has been a total pleasure to work with a professional who clearly combines the technical savvy needed to make the website clear, navigable and integrated, and who also has the creative talents to bring our vision to reality.  Having designed several different websites for Art of Cloth over the years, we have some history with which to compare the process.  So, it is  gratitude and joy that we thank our web designer and new friend, Melanie McGee, for the inspirational experience of shared vision and collaboration with stunning results. We look forward to sharing who we are, what we do and why we continue to do it as we grow and develop.  Welcome and enjoy!

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Rose Corrick, President, and Valda Kelers, Studio Director,
Art of Cloth